Tripp and Wendy are Entrepreneurs, Business Consultants, Speakers, Motivators, Show Hosts, Digital Marketing Strategist, and said to be “one of the business world’s emerging new power couples”. They have a passion for the American dream and have devoted their lives to helping other business owners and sales professionals become power players in their marketplace, moving beyond their comfort zones into a life without limits.

Known for their energy, enthusiasm, and playfulness, Tripp & Wendy host a brand new and growingly popular online talk show daily, where they teach business professionals how to harness the power of technology to gain exposure, credibility, and control of their industry and profitability.

Having been married for 10yrs, they’re opening up their lives “raw, uncut & unscripted”, documenting their business life and journey as entrepreneurs and sharing lessons through personal and entertaining stories :).

After learning from and consulting with them, you are guaranteed to walk away feeling more motivated and confident, with your status as an authority in your field solidified, worthy and deserving of the fees you command due to the unique value you provide and strategic favorable positioning.

Tripp and Wendy firmly believe it’s everyone’s duty to succeed, and work feverishly to give you the help you need with mindset, inspiration, tools, and practical steps to get you there faster.

Keeping it simple and straightforward, they get down to brass tacks delivering actionable steps with entertaining stories and real talk about their personal experiences with both success and failure. Their willingness to be vulnerable is refreshing, making it something that anyone can relate to no matter what walk of life they come from.

Dynamic and engaging, Tripp & Wendy dole out tough love and call out the greatness in those who have an insatiable desire to step up and do great things for the marketplace they serve… becoming the person they knew they were always meant to be.